Case Studies

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RAMIS makes life Lush!

Many people believe that by completing a bunch of Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) in their buildings they have done enough to be compliant. That is far removed from the reality of the situation.

The DVSA and Consistency

When you manage a large, diverse portfolio that covers a wide geographical area, consistency of provision across that portfolio can become a massive headache.

Action for Children and Competency

Anyone can complete a Fire Risk Assessment but the key wording in the Fire Safety Order is “any competent person” can complete a Fire Risk Assessment.

How our Independence helped the Maritime & Coastguard Agency

One of our clients the Maritime Coastal Agency via Interserve FM have the huge responsibility of protecting our beautiful coastline. They have over 400 remote stations all around the UK, some are manned, but many are unmanned service stations in places such as the Outer Hebrides, Shetland Islands, Anglesey, Lands’ End and everywhere in between.