Riskmonitor has been trading over 20 years and we’ve never sold a Fire Extinguisher!

That’s because we don’t sell extinguishers, alarm systems, sprinklers, fire doors, fire blankets, smoke alarms, detection, suppression, or any other product you will inevitably be told you need out of the back of a “shopping list” FRA.

What is a “shopping list” FRA?

You must have seen them.

A “shopping list” FRA is usually offered free or cheap by a company that sells one or more solutions to the problems they seem to find…  in other words, they use the FRA to write their own shopping list.

That’s why we provide an impartial FRA, it gives you advice and guidance for your benefit, not ours.

An impartial FRA will tell you what you need and, if scoped properly, more importantly, tell you what you don’t need.

The Fire Safety industry has got so good at stoking the fear that looms over the heads of portfolio managers, we are seeing businesses spending thousands and thousands of pounds more than they are required to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have total confidence in what you need and what you don’t? So, when any of the charlatans come in preaching British Standards or distances and even regulations and laws, you can say “No we don’t”.

An impartial Fire Risk assessment, and a partner on hand to help can give you that.

Assessment Plus (A+) from Riskmonitor provides a Fire Risk Assessment that is accompanied by a CAD plan. The plan is marked with what is needed and what isn’t. What should be a fire door when it comes to life safety and what doesn’t need to be. Of course, we will also tell you if you do need to put FFE or a Fire Door in a location, but we have no agenda to push and we won’t be selling you that equipment. Once you have that, one of our qualified Fire Door Surveyors will carry out a full fire door inspection, but only on the doors that need to be a Fire Door. With 14 days, you have your FRA, the Plan, and the Fire Door Inspection Report. From that point on when that chancer turns up and points and says, “you need a new extinguisher there” you can smile at them and say “No”.

A+  from Riskmonitor, gives you back the power and the confidence, it removes the emotion and stress, and it also saves you money. The secret to it is easy, it’s impartiality, we have nothing to gain from recommending anything you don’t need.

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