Do you have “Walk Up Flats” in your housing stock? 

There seems to be so much confusion around what is required for these properties that have been affected by the FSA 2021.

Previously, for many of our customers, these types of properties, with the lack of a common area have fallen short of the need for a full FRA.

However, with the release of the FSA 2021, it became obvious that these buildings would now need to be assessed. Many have balconies, fire doors or cladding, a surprising amount have all three.

In consultation with several of our long-standing Local Authority and Housing Association customers we knew we could use our experience within our Fire Safety Team to offer advice and help assess these buildings.

At Riskmonitor, our Assessors and Fire Safety Team are first class. All are hugely experienced; many are ex Fire Service with over 30 years’ experience on the job and all have had time spent within Business Fire Safety departments across various brigades. Many have previously been auditing officers in a previous life. It was this knowledge and experience we turned to in order to develop our bespoke assessment designed exactly for this type of property. For all our customers, it takes away the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt surrounding this type of property that many are experiencing right now.

Our internal Development Team were quickly able to mobilise that assessment and our field assessors were able to use that tool to conduct assessments on the ground.

Working closely with one Housing Association we were able to carry out nearly 300 assessments in 3 weeks across December 2021.

You can read that case study here.

With so much confusion around the guidance relating to these types of properties, we would like to offer our help and advice to all Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

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