When was the last time you bought something only to be told you needed to buy something else to make it work or make it better?

That cheeky upsell at the end of a transaction always leaves a bad taste.

Spending over £1000 on the latest LCD TV in your local electrical retailer only to be told you should take that ‘peace of mind’ guarantee with it as well is something that annoys the hell out of everyone. Basically, you are telling me that what I’ve just paid for may not last and I don’t really want to think about that right now!

Will your chosen partner being doing the cheeky upsell on you?

Our industry is full of providers that use the opportunity to undertake an assessment whose sole purpose is the life safety of the occupants to upsell you needless alarms, extinguishers and signs. Most of the time, as with the TV guarantee, they are needless, and a waste of money so be sure to engage with an independent partner that is only interested in making sure you are compliant.

Check out this case study to show what that meant to one of our clients.