If you had a huge tree in your back garden that needed to be removed as it had become a danger to the house, your family and the surrounding properties you wouldn’t choose a tiny axe to do the deed.

What about if you were only allowed to use that axe on that tree 5 times a day.

Every morning, you walk out into the garden and swing that axe 5 times, carefully directed at the same spot. You make every effort to make every swing count.

At first you see hardly anything; your efforts appear to be in vain. This trunk is at least 5 foot in diameter and the axe is powerless against it.

But you stick to the plan, your morning ritual slowly, but surely, starts to take its toll. Those five blows start to make an indentation, that leads to a large cut in the trunk, that after days and day and months and months and years and years sees that tree topple.

It’s amazing what consistency will do for you.

Small deeds made with consistency and lead to big results.

Check out the case study here to show how consistency of provision across a huge property portfolio allowed this customer to have trust that they were compliant in their Fire Risk Assessments