When it comes to working with outside contractors, there’s nothing more frustrating than being let down. They arrive late, finish early, take twice as long as they said they would and offer endless excuses, and when they finally deliver your service… you don’t get what you were promised.

Well, the truth is, recruiting the right Fire Risk Assessor is no different.

So how do you ensure your FRA partners are reliable?

Here’s the 9 things you must be satisfied with BEFORE you engage your FRA partner…

  • Ask the assessor for a copy of their credentials, qualifications and experience
  • Ask for references from customers with similar premises or portfolio as yours
  • Ask if you could speak to a customer with a similar premises to yours
  • Ask for a sample of a previous FRA for similar premises to yours
  • Ask for a clear explanation of the scope of the work they will carry out
  • Agree timescales and price for the work
  • Ask for advice on managing the outcomes of the assessment
  • Ask for clarity on what support will be available after the assessment is complete
  • Tell the assessor you will not buy any fire safety solutions from them…

If you’re happy with their answers, go ahead and order your assessment.

If not….  Contact Riskmonitor here.