Who would you trust with your life?

I’m sure there are a few people that immediately spring to mind. People that you have allowed to do that for many years, I’m sure, will feature highly on the list. Parents, spouses, partners, friends, relatives, children, the list will be the same for the majority of us.

What about when you have to put yourself at the mercy of others?

When you need a surgery, for example.

You would want to ensure that the person performing the procedure is trained, experienced and trusted. They would be competent to take your life and well-being in their capable hands.

I doubt that you would lie on the bed in pre-op waiting, nervously, for the person who is about to give you a new knee or hip, remove that mole or cataract, extract those wisdom teeth, whatever it may be and hope that they have had a bit of a go before!

Imagine if they popped in and said that this was a hobby, or they were having a go as they had watched a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix!

It’s not often that managing a large portfolio of diverse buildings is compared to life and death but, it’s not as far away from the truth as it seems.

Your portfolio and its safety does affect people’s lives and wellbeing on a day to day basis and trusting an outside partner to ensure that you are compliant and safeguarding lives with your Fire Risk Assessments is as serious as it gets and that is what competence is our number one factor in deciding who to use as your Fire Safety Partners.